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Evaluation and comparing of faced symetrical hard-fill dams (FSHD) and concrete faced rock-fill dams (CFRD)

In the studies Stage of dam projects, determination of appropriate dam site and dam type is the first and important step of dam projects design; because determination of appropriate location of dam site and dam type is very important technically and economically

Rooting of trees in earth dikes: risks and management solutions

Dikes offer favorable conditions for tree growth and vegetation provides many ecological and social services on these artificial sites. But woody vegetation induces several risks which are not compatible with dike safety

Erosion control in Vietnam using Japanese traditional river engineering

Riverbank erosion is one of the most severe problems in the rural area of Vietnam. JICA has been supporting to protect riverside areas using Japanese traditional river engineering since 2010. In this paper, we focus on two pilot sites, Kim Ngoc Village on Tha Trach River in Hue Province

Dam safety during floods

Up to now, most guidelines fix the dam crest level by the Maximum Water Level (MWL), calculated by the Design Flood (DF), plus the freeboard (FB) calculated by the height of the waves produced by the maximum wind velocity.

Modeling the Mississippi River

Society requires artifice to survive in a region where nature might reasonably have asked a few more eons to finish a work of creation that was incomplete.

Innovative surveillance of 40 km of dykes along the Rhine River

The new French law of end 2007 urges French dam and dykes owners of a given importance (i.e. when significant human or economic interests are at stake downwards) to permanently demonstrate that they properly manage the safety of their structures. Voies Navigables de France, the French national operator of public canals (more than 6,200 km canals in France)

PPP in Vietnam - Current Status & Prospect

PPP – What is it? - It’s a cooperative venture between the government & the private partners to integrate the advantageous expertise of each partner to complete a project of infrastrure development and public services

Dam development in Vietnam: Current status & future planning

Vietnam is a South - East Asian country, which is affected by the subtropical humid moonsoon climate. Its annual rainfall is high and most of its territory (especially in the North and the Central parts) is mountainous and has good potential for water reserves and hydropower.

PKW Projects in Vietnam

At the PKW Workshop 2014 held on December 3rd , 2014 in Onyonax (France), the author delivered his presentation on PKW Projects in Vietnam.

Vietnam Vice PM's Welcome Message
The ICOLD Committee on “Dams for Hydroelectric Energy”
Prof. Jinsheng JIA’ s Letter
Long report of the Int. Symposium “ASIA 2008” on “Water Resources & Renewable Energy Development in Asia”.
Welcome to Vietnam! Bienvenu au Vietnam!
Advanced Technology of "Tyco Water".
Vietnam Country Update & Hydro Power Development Plant
H.E. Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium “ASIA 2008 -Water Resources & Renewable Energy Development in Asia”
Address of H.E. Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium "ASIA 2008"
Long-term Cooperation between VNCOLD & CHINCOLD
Some images of Son La Hydropower Project.
Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Project.
VNCOLD Central Officers.
Interaction between morphology change & salinity distribution in the Dinh An Estuary, Vietnam.
Dinh Binh (Vietnam) RCC Dam.
Flood Mitigation Strategy for Sustainability in Vietnam.
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