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Visit at Malpasset [19-6-22]

Malpasset Dam was a concrete arch dam located on the Riveria in the Cannes District near Fréjus, in Southern France. Exhibiting curvature in both the plan and section directions, the double-curvature arch structure spanned the Reyran River ...

Upstream Dams Threaten the Economy and the Security of the Mekong Region

China’s 11 hydropower dams built on the upper Mekong River held back massive quantities of water over the last two years

Dam safety in Vietnam: Construction, surveillance and monitoring

Among the main shortcomings and inadequacies in the safety of small and medium dams in Vietnam, very consistent opinion were assessed by national and international experts who were consulted on this topic.

Floating solar powerplants in Vietnam

General information concerning electricity in Vietnam: Total country area : 331 230 km2. Population (2019) : about 97.5 million inhabitants,

Reservoirs for freshwater in the Mekong Delta

In a previous article, it was indicated why the construction of medium and large reservoirs in the Mekong Delta is essential to meet the needs of its inhabitants. Let us first recall some facts and their consequences concerning the exploitation of water resources in the Delta

Are higher seismic safety standards required for dams forming dam cascades along rivers?

Along major rivers, several large dams have been built or are being built, forming dam or runof-river power plant cascades. The cascades could consist of concrete or embankment dams or run-of-river power plants depending on the longitudinal profile of the river

Some comments on the report of Mr Ho Ta Khanh

The report is a clear presentation of this key problem: it focuses on the need of fresh water and underlines the likely future of two rather new solutions: Construction of large off river reservoirs and large coastal reservoirs; they are thus commented below.

From labyrinth to piano key weirs: the story

Labyrinth weirs are an efficient solution for free surface flow whose development has been initially favored by a close collaboration between research and industry in the United States

Shortage of fresh water and necessity for storage facilities in the Mekong Delta (M.D)

Abstract: The Mekong Delta (M.D) is submitted to many important issues that can question its survival. To mitigate severe shortages during the dry season, freshwater storage and decrease in groundwater use are paramount for its survival.

Vietnam Vice PM's Welcome Message
The ICOLD Committee on “Dams for Hydroelectric Energy”
Prof. Jinsheng JIA’ s Letter
Long report of the Int. Symposium “ASIA 2008” on “Water Resources & Renewable Energy Development in Asia”.
Welcome to Vietnam! Bienvenu au Vietnam!
Advanced Technology of "Tyco Water".
Vietnam Country Update & Hydro Power Development Plant
H.E. Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium “ASIA 2008 -Water Resources & Renewable Energy Development in Asia”
Address of H.E. Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium "ASIA 2008"
Long-term Cooperation between VNCOLD & CHINCOLD
Some images of Son La Hydropower Project.
Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Project.
VNCOLD Central Officers.
Interaction between morphology change & salinity distribution in the Dinh An Estuary, Vietnam.
Dinh Binh (Vietnam) RCC Dam.
Flood Mitigation Strategy for Sustainability in Vietnam.
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