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Condolences to New Zealand Colleagues
Agricultural water service pricing & PPP models
Agricultural Water Service Pricing
3rd International Workshop on Labyrinth and Piano Key Weirs,
Numerical modelling for reservoir sediment management
An Initiative to Improve Dam and Downstream Community Safety in Vietnam
Policy design under present hydrological conditions
Magnitude-6.3 earthquake near Tainan (Taiwan)
Development of process-oriented soil erosion model and uncertainty assessment of modle outputs
Eco-friendly germination promoting vegetation mat manufacturing technology
A chance to reduce coal share in the Vietnam power mix toward sustainable development
Integrated and Sustainable Water Management of Red-Thai Binh River System in a Changing Climate.
Climate change and design criteria of structural measures for natural disasters
Study on the Impacts of Mainstream Hydropower on the Mekong River (Volume 2)
Study on the Impacts of Mainstream Hydropower on the Mekong River(Volume 1)
Mekong Story Funds
Mekong dams 'a grave threat to river'
Laos Officially Approves Controversial Dam Project
Performance criteria for rockfill dams subjected to multiple seismic hazards
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MRC SEA of Hydropower on the Mekong Mainstream Lao PDR
Provide a source of foreign exchange to fund economic and social development and alleviate poverty; Meet the commitments under intergovernmental MOUs and Agreements with Thailand, Vietnam and others;
A chance to reduce coal share in the Vietnam power mix toward sustainable development
Power development plays a very important role in a country’s economy development, as well as assur ance of social welfare and national security. Revised Law of Electricity required that electricity planning have to be synchronized with power sources planning while considering renewable and sustainable energy sources
PPP in Vietnam - Current Status & Prospect
PPP – What is it? - It’s a cooperative venture between the government & the private partners to integrate the advantageous expertise of each partner to complete a project of infrastrure development and public services
Dam development in Vietnam: Current status & future planning
Vietnam is a South - East Asian country, which is affected by the subtropical humid moonsoon climate. Its annual rainfall is high and most of its territory (especially in the North and the Central parts) is mountainous and has good potential for water reserves and hydropower.
Sustainable Poverty Reduction and Natural Disaster Risk Management in the Central Coastal region
Viet Nam is one of the countries globally most at risk of disasters and has been identified as one of 30 extreme risk countries due to climate change. At the same time, Viet Nam’s significant achievements in reducing poverty and lifting the living standards of the Vietnamese people now appear to be reaching their limit
Present and future role of dams & reservoirs - Survey in Vietnam
The 82nd Annual meeting of ICOLD in Bali, Indonesia, June 2nd to 6th, 2014. ICOLD «Ad Hoc Committee on Prospective and Challenges». (ICOLD Committee on Emerging Challenges and Solutions)
Presentation of Vietnamese Experts Group on 19 March 2013 at the ‘REGIONAL DAM SAFETY AND RESPONSE WORKSHOP’18- 22 March 2013, in Bangkok, Thailand
Review and Update of the World Bank’s Safeguard Policies
The World Bank has begun a two-year process to review and update its environmental and social safeguard policies. These policies embody core values of the institution and are the cornerstone of the Bank's efforts to protect people and the environment and to ensure sustainable development outcomes.
Dams in Japan
Presentation at the 24th ICOLD Congress, 2 to 8 June 2012, Kyoto, Japan
Dams and earthquakes in New Zealand
New Zealand is located in the area of active seismicity on the boundary between the Australian and Pacific plates. Most dams in New Zealand are in the close proximity to active faults and some dams have been built across active faults.
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Vietnam Vice PM's Welcome Message
The ICOLD Committee on “Dams for Hydroelectric Energy”
Prof. Jinsheng JIA’ s Letter
Long report of the Int. Symposium “ASIA 2008” on “Water Resources & Renewable Energy Development in Asia”.
Welcome to Vietnam! Bienvenu au Vietnam!
Advanced Technology of "Tyco Water".
Vietnam Country Update & Hydro Power Development Plant
H.E. Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium “ASIA 2008 -Water Resources & Renewable Energy Development in Asia”
Address of H.E. Vice Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai at the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium "ASIA 2008"
Long-term Cooperation between VNCOLD & CHINCOLD
Some images of Son La Hydropower Project.
Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Project.
VNCOLD Central Officers.
Interaction between morphology change & salinity distribution in the Dinh An Estuary, Vietnam.
Dinh Binh (Vietnam) RCC Dam.
Flood Mitigation Strategy for Sustainability in Vietnam.
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