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VNCOLD Central Officers.

, member of ICOLD (International Commission On Large Dams) and VFCEA (Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association), is a professional society involving organizations and anyone, who have been  working and interested in all the fields related to the development of  large dams (study, planning, investment, investigation, design, construction, equipment, material, control, management, business,…).

Any Vietnamese citizens or organizations, who agree with  the VNCOLD Statute and volunteer to join in VNCOLD, can become  VNCOLD members. Any foreigner can join in VNCOLD as overseas member.


VNCOLD Central Officers

Honorary Chairmen

Mr. Nguyen Canh Dinh                                         Mr. Thai Phung Ne

Ex. Minister of Water Resouces                                           Ex. Minister of Energy


Prof. Dr(sr).  Pham Hong Giang

Ex. Vice - Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development

(in charge of  Water Resources & Infrastructure)


Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuat                                 Mr. Cao Lai Quang

Vice - Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development          Vice - Minister of Construction

Mr. Pham Le Thanh

General Director of  Vietnam Electricity Group

Prof. Dr.  Le Kim Truyen

Ex. Rector of the Water Resources University

Dr. Hoang Minh Dung

General Director of  the Hydraulic Engineering Consultant Company No1

Prof. Dr.  Nguyen Tuan Anh

Ex. Director of the Research Institute for Water Resources



General Secretary:                  Mr. Tran Tiep De

Vice-General Secretaries :

MSc. Dan Van Van      -      Dr. Nguyen Quoc Dung

Members :

Mr. Nguyen Van Huan     -       Mr. Hoang Xuan Hong

Mr. Nguyen Tien Dat      -    Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam     -     Mrs. Vu Thi Tam Dan

Mrs. Dao Thi Loc           -          Mr. Vu Hong Son


Website Editorial Board:

Editor-in-chief:       Prof. Dr(sr).  Pham Hong Giang

Members :

MSc. Nguyen Hoai Nam   -   MSc. Nguyen Thanh Tung   -   MSc. Dan Van Van




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VNCOLD Central Officers.
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